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8857 publication 971 Form: What You Should Know

You may be eligible for relief from the following IRS taxes: Tax credits; Child care credit; Student loan interest deduction; Property tax; Filing Status: Form 8851 for an 8% tax rate and Forms 4681, 4679, or 4759 for 10% tax rate. An injured spouse (Form 8857, Request for Injured Spouse Relief) is asking the IRS injured spouse relief. This relief is for an injured spouse who is asking for an Innocent Spouse tax relief. See Publication 971, Innocent Spouse Relief, for details An injured spouse needs: Innocent Spouse Relief. Not all taxpayers qualify for the injured spouse relief but most do. If an innocent spouse is eligible for innocent spouse Relief, he/she needs to include the relief in his/her income and have it dis- credited and replaced by the injured spouse relief.  Here are some examples of injuries and injuries for which you may be eligible for the injured spouse relief (Form 8857). However, it is not necessary to know the exact details of what injury you are asked to file with the IRS. In order to determine if you are eligible for the injured spouse relief, you will want to consult the following: The description of what tax credit, tax loss, tax credit, or tax loss you are claiming (Form 1040, Form 1041, Form 1045, Form 5693, Form 5693) The description of what tax credit, loss, loss, tax credit, a tax loss, tax credit, tax credit, a tax loss or credit under the following laws or regulations are the real cause of any injury You should report income from sources other than income from assets or a business. The injury was not caused by an act of God. You should report income from sources unrelated to your tax liability. Your loss or injury was inflicted by the person that you reported as your dependent on your tax return. You are entitled to the injured spouse relief. The injured spouse was married to your other spouse when the injury occurred. You are entitled to the injured spouse relief. If you are asking for the injured spouse relief, and you do not know or have not researched the particular situation you are asking for the injured spouse relief, do not file and do not mail your return. Wait for further information or call and request that you be treated as an injured spouse.

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Instructions and Help about Form 8857 publication 971

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