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Hi I'm Tom growth you can find me at Tom tax attorney com and today I want to talk about a blog post I posted recently on LinkedIn about the innocent spouse form now I think as a whole this form is kind of useless and I'm gonna go over why that is I think that the IRS has good intentions but I think that what they're looking for with the form is is more information that might actually disqualify you for a relief instead of qualify you for relief so so let's just get to it innocent spouse is a form of tax relief that's available for taxpayers who have filed a joint return and you know there for some reason the tax hasn't been paid for some reason there's an additional assessment through an audit or something to that extent and the thing is when you sign a joint return you're jointly and severally liable for that tax debt which means that the IRS can go after you for the whole amount so just want to talk a little bit about what this form entails in the process for filing in an instant spouse claim so the form itself is available on my website I'll post a link to that in the description as well as a link to the LinkedIn article my basic problem with the form is that it implies that it needs to be filled out completely in order for the requesting spouse to qualify for relief and and here's the thing it doesn't need to be there's certain situations where the financial information on the form is actually irrelevant the form is actually calling for the tax payer for the innocent spouse in this case to answer certain questions that might disqualify them for relief instead of qualify for them for release relief and I really think that when it comes down to it every innocent spouse case is so different that really what it's about is telling the taxpayers story now let's just look at the form for a minute here so here we go here's the form you know it starts off it as you for some basic information it tells you whether or not you should file the form that's good I guess if you're if you're doing it on your own you want to know whether or not you actually qualify for the threshold conditions then you're gonna tell them about yourself you're gonna tell them your name you're gonna tell them your social security number your address and who your spouse was for the years at issue so that's some basic information that the IRS is gonna need in the form provides a convenient place to prthat okay but let's let's just go a little bit further okay so it doesn't you when you were divorced again pretty innocuous here now now the form gets into asking you about your level of education and the reason the.